About Us

Heavenly Vibes Organic Farm


Who We Are

Heavenly Vibes Organic Farm is a family run (with help from our friends), Agri-tourism farm.

Nestled on a hilltop in Maury County, Columbia, Tennessee and surrounded by a supportive agricultural community. This location offers the atmosphere for our life style.

We call ourselves Southern- Islanders

Amber moved to Tennessee in the 80’s with her mother who came here to pursue her music career.  Some years later after graduating from Belmont University, and meeting Eric who moved down from Michigan to work with the General Motors Spring Hill plant project, they set up home in Tennessee.   Eric and Amber were not thinking about farming back then, although; both loved the out doors and working the land. Eric has a back ground in Engineering and Amber in Accounting and Finance.

For many years, they enjoyed traveling between Tennessee and Hawaii living both the Hawaiian Island lifestyle and Tennessee Southern Charm.  The farm journey was originally Heavenly Vibes Organic Farm Hawaii.  Surprisingly, the turns of life and God’s purposes lead them back to settle and farm in Tennessee. They love this state, it’s Community and Spirit.

Organic food production has become a passion and way of healthy living for the Doig Family at Heavenly Vibes Organic Farm.  Eric did spend summers working on his grandparents cherry farm in Northern Michigan and Amber’s family from Hawaii, had their early beginnings, dating back to the 1800’s surrounded by Agriculture.  Her ancestors worked on the early sugar and pineapple plantations on the Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Oahu. The Doigs can only conclude farming is in their DNA.

The driving forces behind their vision to grow organic food for their family and the community began with personal experiences, years of research combined with conferences or classes as well as  awareness of rapid food safety changes in food processing industries.  Delicious, sustainable, nutritious produce from their farming efforts inspired Eric and Amber to eat and live healthy.

Farmers Eric, Amber along with sons Justin and Benjamin keep their boutique farm of 31 acres thriving. Currently they are a working seasonal farm open (May-September, and beyond for special events or classes). Annually they are investing towards steadily improving efficiency, and building infrastructure systems for year round production.

A farm store is conveniently located on the property where customers can purchase all the farm produce and products. Their main focus is to provide a  healthy, relaxing experience to all visitors while producing specialty organic products.

Organic Products:

Delicious free range organic eggs
Raw pure honey
Organic culinary and medicinal herbs
An ever expanding variety of fresh organic seasonal vegetables and lettuces
Organic grass fed and free range meat products:chicken, pork, and beef
Seasonal organic fruit: apples, peaches, blueberries, pears, and figs.

Farm Store Cafe Menu:

Fresh baked organic breads
Sweet and Savory baked goods
Sandwiches heaping (hot and cold)
Home made cuisine entrees and specials for dinner and lunch – eat in or take out –
Smoothies: veggie, super food, and fruit blends with energy Ayurveda boosters.
Organic Coffees and Teas (iced or hot), and seasonal unique, specialty items.

As they grow, HVOF is expanding and rotating production seasonally.
Additionally they produce items using fresh combinations of extracts, essential oils and dried ingredients in hand made soaps, candles, dried herbs, vegetables and spices.

In the farm store, you can stock up on a variety of frozen packaged HVOF organic grass fed beef, organic pork and free range chicken as well as other local farmers milk, cream and cheese products.

Heavenly Vibes Organic Farm is located in Columbia, TN