An Amazing Day


Soon I won’t be able to open these French doors in the early dawn, sit on the cozy, overstuffed couch curled up in a family crocheted blanket, sip coffee; enjoying the morning sounds because it will be deep fall frost outside, instead of pleasant refreshing cooler mornings.

Today the sun rose like a warm familiar greeting giving life to the blue sky and puffy white clouds. In the distance echoing from a neighbor’s farm are sounds of hammers and boards being nailed together. It’s how this Ag community starts their day. Birds chirping back and forth through the treetops, joining the gentle swirling concert of leaves swaying from the woods standing sentry on ”the hilltop farm”…the humming of this farm…rooster crowing, trains crossing Carter Creek Pike trestle bridge, banging plank boards from cattle fences going up, the mooing as cows greet the day….thank you God for another amazing day.